Pranavi Suthagar

Creator of not_sari, Designer + Illustrator + Creative Entrepreneur

Pranavi Suthagar also known as Not Sari is a Toronto based illustrator and designer. Her work explores ideas of identity as it relates to being a first generation Tamil Canadian. Through fusing her lived experiences into her work, she draws connections to her bicultural experience by way of nostalgia, cultural norms and rejecting societal expectations. Her work aims to empower and depict authentic narratives of South Asian people, in aims to occupy space within the mainstream art sphere.

Her work celebrates and highlights the diverse and nuanced experiences of South Asian women, especially of those whom are first generation and have witnessed the world in two ways – that of their parents and the Western world around us. Between the values and beliefs we learn from our parents, and that which we take in from our surroundings, I find there is often an ongoing reassessment of values, beliefs and identity we experience internally as it relates to belonging.