Pink Attitude Evolution

We are looking for nominations of “Game Changing” South Asian women and men that demonstrate exceptional leadership in their communities. Each year, Pink Attitude hosts a Gala every year recognizing and celebrating their inspiring achievements.



Nominations in five categories:  Leadership, Rising Star, Disrupter, Inspiration and Ally Award

To nominate you must provide why your nominee should be awarded based on the following metrics below. Please also attach their resume, picture and any other supporting factors that will exemplify the criteria.

Anyone can nominate – friends, family, employees, colleagues, clients, customers or yourself. You can only nominate to one award.

Submission Details:

Submission End Date: March 9th 11:59pm

Awards will be finalized: March 25th 11:59pm

Winners will be required to do a one minute video – videographer and questions will be provided. They will also be required to do media interviews.

Gala Date: April 18, 2020.

Winners are required to attend.

Nomination Categories

Disruptor Award:

This individual is a creative visionary who has the passion and faith to be the voice of their community. In addition, this individual has made significant disruption and/or innovation within their society displacing established norms and modes of operation.

Inspiration Award:

This award recognizes a woman who inspires others through her work, ideas and example. The recipient of the Inspiration Award demonstrates an unwavering passion and commitment for a particular cause or idea. She is a role model who is making a difference in the lives of others.

Leadership Award:

This award recognizes a woman who is a bold, well-known leader who others choose to emulate. The recipient of the Leadership Award will have a proven record of growth, success and influence in her profession or community.

Rising Star Award:

This individual is a creative, visionary, young leader/entrepreneur (ideally under the age of 35) who has the passion and faith to be the voice of their generation. In addition, this individual is on the verge of making a significant movement within their society.

Ally Award:

This individual is a man who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and interest in furthering women’s initiatives within the boundaries of (but not limited to) workplace, education and community. This individual has a proven track record of being actively involved in empowering women and providing motivation, resource/time and support to help one/many women achieve their goals and/or overcome traditional barriers/boundaries. His work/initiatives have made a measurable impact within the society.

Nomination Submission Form

  • Criteria for all:

    Nominees across all award categories will be evaluated based on the following evaluation themes.
  • This individual is dynamic, highly energetic and demonstrates passion and commitment towards the community. They best exemplify motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal, capturing the essentials of being able to inspire others. In addition, they have also demonstrated leadership and influenced support from other community members. Furthermore, this person has influenced others to make a difference by demonstrating faith in their vision.
  • This person has illustrated creativity in their ideas and vision and has demonstrated exceptional courage to bring them to life. In addition, this person best exemplifies the spirit of risk and innovation, whether through a new business concept, entering a new market or process improvement.
  • This individual has exemplified confidence and courage, taken extraordinary risks and used their insights and wisdom to create opportunities for themselves and/or the community. In addition, this individual best exemplifies integrating connections, communications, conversations, and/or community into thinking and doing ‘outside the box’.
  • This individual is proactively engaged in the community to give up and contribute in any way they can. They have a growth mindset to coach, mentor and make others better. In addition, they have also helped others in achieving their goals, bringing out the best in people and helping them grow.
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