The Pink Attitude

Pink Attitude Evolution was founded in 2015 and is the first non-profit organization of its kind in Canada where women of South Asian origin are empowered to achieve their full potential in their chosen endeavors.


The PAE Board is comprised of a cross-section of professionals who share the common vision and have the strong passion and commitment to make a difference in this under-developed area.

We have identified “Four” key cohorts.

Why these cohorts?

These cohorts were selected based on research of how deep-rooted gender roles and expectations of South Asian girls / women manifests into disempowerment and missed opportunities for growth. These are the pivotal points in one’s life that requires the greatest level of support, knowledge and confidence to make the most informed decision that will shape their journey.

What We Know

Through our initial research and data collection, the PAE Board has identified common “influencers” specific to the community that act as a barrier to South Asian women in reaching their full potential. For example, lack of encouragement or support to embark novel endeavours from the nuclear family, cultural and religiously imposed restrictions, lack of financial support, and basic tools / information.

Highly educated, young, South Asian women are among the fastest growing population segment in Canada and yet are more unemployed and underutilized in the workplace — Pink Attitude not only aims to understand why this is happening but create initiatives to bridge this potential.

Our Approach

Pink Attitude has identified a 3Rs approach as a means to support and unlock true potential:

– Encourage them to RECOGNIZE their talent & skills

– Help them to REALIZE how to apply their talents & skills

– Support them to REACH a level of confidence and influence


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